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  • Jamie Walker

Bryan Bailey's Thrilling New Single Lightswitch

Since emerging with his first single in 2018, Bryan Bailey has been carving out a unique space in the electronic music world with a sound that brilliantly balances excitement and nostalgia. The young artist’s latest single is his finest work yet, showing that he has the capability to become a mainstay on the underground electronic scene.

“You left my heart in pieces,” Bryan sings in the songs memorable opening verse. Creating a work of art out of heartbreak is nothing new, but Bryan transforms his pain into an uplifting anthem in a way only the finest singers are capable of. He uses every tool in his arsenal, seamlessly switching from hip hop to pop and back again thought the course of the track. The result is a track that demands to be listened to over and over, revealing new layers of meaning and emotion with every play. ‘Lightswitch’ is a major artistic step forward for Bryan, and if he continues to release music of this quality, there is no telling how much he might accomplish.

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