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  • Jamie Walker

Cush Wallace Continues Meteoric Rise With 'AMMO'

Many young rappers claim to be the next big thing in West Coast hip-hop, but few can boast a resume comparable to Central LA's Cush Wallace. He's shared the stage with Kendrick, been shouted out by Beats By Dre, and landed on some of Spotify's most noted playlists. On his latest release, he makes good on the hype.

Appropriately titled, 'AMMO' comes out full blast, taking aim at his critics, naysayers, and imitators. None of them seem to matter much to Cush, who just envisions himself cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a Porsche, on his way to stardom. If he keeps up this high quality output, his dreams of topping the hip-hop world might become reality.

Check it out on Spotify: 'AMMO'

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