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  • Jamie Walker

Frisky The Rapper Expertly Blends Old Time Country and Hip Hop

The marriage of hip hop and country has become increasingly popular, but few artists have made as compelling a track as the latest single from Frisky The Rapper. Equal parts Tarantino-esque western soundtrack and hip hop crime drama, ‘Ready To Die’ permanently erases the line between genres.

“As soon as I arrive, bullets start to fly” Frisky calmly states, like a hip hop Johnny Cash. “This town is mine.”

It’s no surprise that ‘Ready To Die’ plays out like a movie, considering it was inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde. Frisky’s swagger is magnetic and impossible to ignore as he draws you into a wildly re-imagined version of the west. This is just the latest example of Frisky’s ability to create all encompassing worlds through his music.

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