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  • Jamie Walker

FrM-Anthony Proves He's For Real On 'While You're Waiting'

'While You're Waiting' opens with a sketch depicting a restless young artist sitting in an airport, waiting for a continually delayed flight. These are the types of moments when a man can be alone with his thoughts and explore what is really important. That is exactly what Anthony does on this mesmerizing record. Across 12 diverse tracks, he reveals himself as a deep thinker with a natural gift for storytelling.

Anthony's reverence for Kanye is immediately apparent on gospel infused tracks such as 09 Wayne, but FrM-Anthony is his own artist with a unique and inimitable style. His sense of rhythm is impeccable, as he effortlessly spits nonstop memorable lines. His versatility is his best trait, with songs like 'RAT RACE' showcasing his melodic gifts.

Each of these tracks has a personality of its own, bolstered by comic interludes that tie the entire story together. 'Shattered Pieces Pt. 2' is confrontational yet introspective, while 'Snowfall' is a moving piece of social commentary. By the time you reach the closing notes of 'Soapbox,' you'll be eager to start right back at the beginning.

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