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  • Jamie Walker

FrM-Anthony's New EP is a Revelatory Masterpiece

On 'Capeesh,' the opening track from FrM's brilliant new EP 'The Lost Files,' the artist reflects on his past, present, and future, packing the track's two minute runtime with lyrics that could be poured over for days. It is the perfect introduction to an EP which will firmly cement his status as one of underground hip-hop's most exceptional talents.

FrM-Anthony is unapologetically raw and emotional. On the soulfully produced 'Clockwork,' he dives deep into the relationships in his life. He states that he "comes from a long line of kings and queens," and that swaggering attitude is pervasive throughout the record.

'5-15' is aggressive and brutally honest. Over a minimalist beat, Anthony pulls no punches. Closing track 'Hank Gathers Freestyle' takes the EP to a cathartic peak.

"When it's all said and done, we'll see who really matters. I don't rap for no status," he raps, voice full of conviction. It is clear that hip-hop is a part of his DNA, completely inseparable from his identity. As a result, he has created eleven minutes of stunning rap that will make a meaningful impact.

Check it out below:

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