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Get To Know Moody R&B Mastermind Saint Severus

The new album 'Original Sin' from the Bay Area artist is a bleak masterwork, exploring the darkness of human nature with wildly imaginative soundscapes. We sat down with him to learn about the inspirations behind his creation.

Saint Severus’s unique blend of R&B, electronica, and alternative rock has won him a devoted international following. On his latest full length, he has fully realized his potential, creating an immersive and thought provoking work that perfectly captures the spirit of the times.

The album’s recurring themes of sin and redemption are introduced immediately on the jarring ‘Genesis.’ With its forbidding synths and menacing narration, it serves as an appropriate introduction to Saint Severus’s world. The ensuing tracks artfully incorporate his distinctive croon, giving the tracks the perfect amount of pop accessibility while retaining a biblical sense of purpose.

The album begins in earnest with ‘A Saint’s Rage,’ in which a sainted figure’s existential angst reaches a boiling point. The album only grows in intensity with stand-out tracks ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ and ‘Death Row.’

The album’s highlight (and most streamed track) is ‘Unspoken,’ which places the artist’s wounded voice front and center. A cathartic meditation on heartbreak, it is a perfect example of why so many people are finding solace in Saint Severus’s music. ‘Original Sin’ is a deeply moving album that pushes R&B into dangerous and thrilling new territory.

Four Questions With Saint Severus

606: Can you describe the personal experiences that led to the creation of 'Original Sin?'

SS: A majority of it relates to relationships I formed in the past. Looking back on my intent within these relationships and reflecting on personal flaws that may have tainted the past relationships. Also dealing with generational trauma and the struggles of self-improvement.

606: There are many illusions to religion and spirituality throughout the album. Was this intentional? Can you discuss some of the inspiration behind the songwriting?

SS: The theme of sin is present throughout the album on purpose. In various religions, sin is viewed as something to avoid as well as an inevitable part of the human experience. As someone who follows a religion, I was influenced by the views of sin that exist within my religion. The idea that in growth there is the foundation of being flawed. We all have to make mistakes to be better.

606: What artists influenced the album's unique production style?

SS: Tears for Fears and The Weeknd inspired a lot of the music production on Original Sin. Synths were a big part of the process in making these instrumentals.

606: What is the one key message you'd like your listeners to take away from 'Original Sin?'

SS: I want listeners to understand that there is always a way out of the low point. The low point is to be experienced and you have to find it within yourself to combat the negative experiences. There is healing on the other side of every negative experience.

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