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  • Jamie Walker

'GET UP' is the Uplifting Anthem You Need


J.J. Tha Wikid'1's 'Get Up' is the feel-good hip-hop anthem we've all been waiting for.

Hip-hop can do many things, but what people love most about the genre is its ability to raise spirits during the hardest of times. That is exactly what J.J. Tha Wikid 1 does on his irresistibly catchy new track. Rather than wallow in pity, he encourages his ever-growing audience to get up and embrace everything that life has to offer. Given his rhythmic gifts and charismatic presence, it's easy to embrace his message.

'Get Up' is built around an instantly memorable hook that allows J.J. to riff endlessly. He is clearly a man capable of sharing good times no matter what, partying on a pontoon boat as he boasts 'Fuck that negativity.'

No matter what you've been struggling with, you'll find something to feel good about by listening to 'Get Up.' It is one of our favorite tracks we've heard this year, and J.J. Tha Wikid 1 is clearly an artist on the rise.

Follow him on IG @jjthawikid1

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