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  • Jamie Walker

John Fairhart and Manthy Are a Match Made in R&B Heaven

The veteran songwriter and the Greek vocalist have collaborated on a beautiful trio of songs. Read our individual reviews below:

An intimate and romantic track with an instantly memorable hook, ’Walking With You’ harkens back to the golden age of R&B.  Award winning music industry lifer John Fairhart’s lyrics are brought to life in vivid detail by the enchanting Greek vocalist Manthy.  She is accompanied by intricate harmonies and a shimmering electronic arrangement, reminiscent of Prince or Chaka Khan in their prime.

Manthy’s voice is layered to sound like a choir of angels on the sultry and irresistible ‘A Sweet Love.’  Producer/songwriter John Fairhart’s composition is reminiscent of late 70’s AM radio hits, full of jazz-infused harmonies, glimmering hooks, and a euphoric sax solo.  Together, they’ve created a song that would feel at home on a modern R&B playlist or the soundtrack to a lost Scorsese film.

‘No Time or Space’ is an otherworldly song representing the future of R&B.  Greek born singer Manthy turns her voice into an ethereal instrument, bringing composer John Fairhart’s lively composition to life in stunning fashion.  It’s laid-back rhythms brilliantly balance out the almost psychedelic chord changes, resulting in a transcendent sound.

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