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  • Jamie Walker

Lakeboii Proves Himself Worthy Of A National Audience On ‘Pull Up’

The latest for the Maryland based rapper is his most impressive to date, mixing intricate wordplay with brilliant production to incredible effect.

Lakeboii has become something of an underground legend amongst Mid-Atlantic hip-hop fans. Through his art, he is shining a light on an often under-appreciated hip-hop scene and telling the stories of the people who make it such a vibrant community. On his newest single, he proves himself worthy of reaching a national audience.

‘Pull Up’ is dark and intense, but Lakeboii’s laid back vocal style keeps listeners hooked throughout. His voice is inimitable as he constantly changes up his flows and rhythmic patterns. He has a natural way with words, bringing his story to life in vivid detail. With more tracks as high quality as ‘Pull Up’ on the way, Lakeboii is poised to take his rightful place at the top of the hip-hop world.

‘Pull Up’ is available everywhere now


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