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  • Jamie Walker

Listen To Cameron Sean's Stunning 'Crazy'

Read to the end to get to know the man behind the hit.

Few artists merge beautiful pop melodies with hard-hitting hip-hop as effectively as Cameron Sean. On his single ‘Crazy,’ he shows a masterful command of language, telling a deeply relatable story about the absurdities of romance in the modern world. With his inimitable voice and deceptively complex flow, it is easy to see why he is rising so quickly in the hip-hop world. ‘Crazy’ is easily one of the best tracks you’ll hear this year. Highly recommended to any hip-hop fans.


606: You have received a huge boost in visibility lately. How has that affected your life as both an artist and an individual?

CS: Recently my life has been crazy (no pun intended). It feels great to receive recognition for my art, and I am thankful my fans enjoy the song! As an artist, it motivates me to create more music that people can relate to, regardless of demographics and differences. As an individual, it reassures me to continue living my dreams and never be complacent in my life.

606: How much of 'Crazy' is inspired by personal experience?

CS: The whole song is inspired by personal experience. As a young professional in today's dating world, with all these apps available and difficulty meeting people in general, you never really know what to expect. So the song's perspective is that you don't really know someone even if you may be attracted to them or they have a certain allure. It may just not work out when you do get to know them!

606: What is the main message you'd like listeners to take away from your music?

CS: I want my listeners to understand that regardless of their age, race, gender, or differences, they can be whatever they want in life. It is ok to be different and, frankly, shoot for your dreams. To me, there is no point in not going after what makes you happy, no matter what that may be.

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