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  • Jamie Walker

Ruth Koleva Encourages Us All To Be Our Own ‘Life Of The Party’

Already a beloved figure in her native Bulgaria, Ruth Koleva’s irresistible electro pop is beginning to attract just as much attention in her adopted home of New York City. Her newest single is an innovative take on the thoroughly modern problem of finding meaning in isolation.

“You know you’re the life of the party,” Ruth repeats, making good use of her internationally acclaimed voice. In a time where the airwaves are filled with doom and gloom, ‘Life Of The Party’, produced by Taylor Graves, is a very welcome reminder that there are still good things in the world. Ruth has had incredible experiences in her years of world travel, giving her a wise perspective on the current state of affairs. Fortunately, she is using her gift for melody to inspire hope and positivity at a time when it is needed most. ‘Life Of The Party,’ and its soon-to-be-released accompanying video are proof that music is often the best way for people to come together and reflect on the better parts of life.

Ruth also continues to use her music to support important humanitarian causes. Following her PRIDE dedicated “Candy Coated” and the thoughtful “On My Way,” which raised awareness for domestic abuse, ‘Life Of The Party’ will dedicate a portion of proceeds to the BBR Foundation’s efforts to find cures for mental illness. ‘Life Of The Party’ is available everywhere September 4.

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