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  • Jamie Walker

The Laid-Back Brilliance of Kid Corinthia

The South Texas rapper's full length 'Gnosis' blends southern charm and and a love for vintage hip-hop, resulting in one of the most memorable underground records of the year.

On the life-affirming opener 'Back and Forth,' Kid Corinthia muses on the beauty of the world around him - from his childhood dreams of stardom to his blissful modern times spent with his daughter. It's a deeply affecting track that perfectly introduces the artist's unique perspective.

Tracks like 'Be Free' and 'Butterfly,' embrace a smoky back room jazz vibe - the perfect accompaniment for Kid's effortlessly rhythmic flows. Big Cheech makes a memorable appearance on 'Classic,' while album highlight 'El Corinthiano' showcases the rapper's gift for rapid-fire lyricism.

All in all, this is a must-hear.

Check it out here: SPOTIFY

Follow Kid Corinthia on IG: @kidcorinthia

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