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  • Jamie Walker

Thello Jay Triumphantly Returns With '2 4 1'

It's been seven years since Thello Jay's last release, but if his new single is any evidence, he is as ambitious and groundbreaking as ever. On the exceptionally clever '2 4 1,' he packs two singles into one track, each one a reminder of his impeccable flow and dynamic lyricism.

Thello Jay doesn't just declare himself 'one of the coldest, one of the best,' he proves it. He has evolved into a versatile artist, combining deeply personal lyrics with a defiant, confrontational attitude. Thello's return to the hip-hop world is one of the most promising developments of the past year, and it seems that he is just getting started. With several new tracks planned for this year and beyond, Thello Jay is poised to become one of the genre's next big things.

For more info: Thello Jay

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