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  • Jamie Walker

Tone Ross Cements His Status As One Of Chicago's Finest With 'Pressure.'

On the introductory track of his stand-out album 'Pressure,' Chicago native Tone Ross establishes himself as a man who takes true pride in representing his city and the people who live there. Whether he's letting loose on a feel good anthem or calling attention to injustice, Chicago's spirit is clearly a part of his DNA. Across eleven diverse tracks, he reveals himself to be a worthy of representing one of America's hip-hop capitols.

On the confrontational 'Float,' Tone Ross reveals the lyrical swagger that defines his style. While he's always out for a good time, he clearly isn't afraid of stepping on a few toes in the process. That attitude continues on the dark, moody 'No Cap,' which paints an unflinching portrait of city life.

The album's highlight, and most streamed track by far, is 'Movie.' He sets the stage brilliantly, rapping "It was 2:45, I was already lit." From there, he tells a hedonistic story that needs to be heard to be believed.

'Pressure' is one of the most ambitious, diverse full lengths to come out of Chicago in a long time. Every track shows a different side of Tone Ross's unique talent. It's an album that will appeal to hip-hop fans everywhere.

Check it out here: Spotify

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