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  • Jamie Walker

Vision and NateGawd Team Up On The Poweful 'Rags To Riches Remix'

'Rags to Riches,' the new track from Vision and NateGawd, is a testament to hip-hop's power to help people overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

A four time cancer survivor who lost his leg to the disease, Vision had every reason to give up. But he doesn't need pity. He's too busy lighting up the mic and using his story to inspire those around him. He's got a natural way with words, effortlessly spitting out lines that speak directly to the heart. He and NateDawg have unleashed an anthem that will speak to just about any hip-hop fans who have been through hard times.

Follow them on IG to stay informed:

Vision: @IEatMyPancakesWithASpoon

NateGawd: @NateGawd

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