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  • Jamie Walker

Foreverr Brandon Releases New Single ‘Foreverr’

The new single from the Cleveland rapper shows off his melodic side, resulting in one of the best tracks of his career.

Foreverr Brandon has been on a creative hot streak, releasing a new single every week, and showing the many ways he has evolved as an artist. On fan favorite ‘Foreverr,’ he embraces a laid-back, jazz and R&B-infused approach. The resulting track is a perfect showcase for his one-of-a-kind voice.

“My music is meant to outlive me,’ Brandon says, explaining his motivation. “It’s only right that I show people who I am.”

This deeply personal approach serves him well. ‘Foreverr’ is calm, cool, and confident, with Brandon describing his commitment to his art in vivid detail. The flow is smooth and the hooks are instantly memorable. It’s the perfect reintroduction to one of the midwest’s best underground artists.

‘Foreverr’ is available everywhere now

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