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  • Jamie Walker

The Hated Crew Unites The Nation Through Hip Hop

If you had told a young DJ ZigZag that one day the rap collective he started would be on the brink of taking over the hip hop world, even he might have a hard time believing you. Yet now, with contributions from some of the most acclaimed underground rappers in the nation, that is exactly where The Hated Crew stands - ready to emerge as generation defining artists.

Every member brings an essential element to the group, but when their powers are combined, THC is capable of addressing society’s dark side in a way that only the highest quality artists can do. With their new album, they are fearlessly exploring the injustices that define the modern era. Even more importantly, they are providing a voice to the voiceless and hope to the underrepresented. Our culture is rapidly changing and it is time for new voices to step into the spotlight. DJ ZigZag and his cohorts Golden The Prophet, JDOTBROWN, Mr. Exile, Tac Free, and Rocci believe they are the voices audiences are clamoring for.

The Hated Crew’s nationwide reach is no coincidence. DJ ZigZag has worked with thousands of underground rappers. He’s enlisted the help of A-List Producers including BeatZilla, Hellabeats, DJ Pain 1, and recruited platinum selling Lil Flip for a feature. He has even recruited house music legend Paul Johnson to remix one of THC’s tracks. The resulting sound can’t be defined as west coast or east coast. It is simply the sound of an American uprising.

“The whole system is corrupt,” ZigZag says describing the motivation behind the album. “We the people have to unite for a better world or else a totalitarian society is on the horizon.”

Does music have the power to stop authoritarianism in its tracks?

The Hated Crew believes that it does.

‘End Of Days’ is an album full of rebellion and righteous indignation, all delivered with the energy of a full-on club banger. It is proof that after years of paying their dues, The Hated Crew is ready to take their rightful place at the top of the hip hop hierarchy.

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